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Adrienne Selko, Senior Editor,

Focus: Expansion Management & the Biotech & Life Sciences Industries

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Senior Editor Adrienne Selko manages IndustryWeek’s Expansion Management, delivering ideas and information about how successful manufacturers leverage location to gain competitive advantage. She explores the strategies behind why companies located their headquarters, research institutes, factories, warehouse and distribution centers and other facilities where they did, and how they benefit from the decision.

Adrienne is also the editorial coordinator of the IndustryWeek Expansion Management Roundtable events, which unites economic development professionals to network and discuss the latest trends in site location.

As well, Adrienne tells the stories of successful companies in the biotechnology and life sciences industries.

In the past, Adrienne has managed IndustryWeek’s award-winning website, overseeing eNewletters, webinars, and contributed content. Before joining the staff, Adrienne was managing editor of corporate publications at a large regional financial institution. She also ran a public relations and marketing company that published a best-selling healthcare book.

Adrienne received a bachelor’s of business administration from the University of Michigan and is especially interested in wellness and natural health. 


AkzoNobel: Sustainability is a Profitable Business Model
In tandem with moving toward towards zero carbon emissions, the company's objective is to create innovative products and services that help their customers both reduce energy use and carbon impact. The company desires to be on the “forefront of industry efforts to transform the use of resources throughout the value chain.”
Top 10 States for Logistics
The study included the share of total logistics industry income as a share of total state income, the employment per capita, as well as the commodity flows data by both rail and road.
The 10 Most Popular Manufacturing CEOs 1
CEOs leading companies that produce industrial goods are very well-liked relative to CEOs in other industries, according to a recent ranking by Owler.
Vitamix’s Secret to Success: Workforce has Zest for Life 1
"We want our company to be a vehicle to release, unshackle, nurture and support people’s experiences to heighten the flavor of all aspects of their lives,” says Jodi Berg, CEO of Vitamix.
Manufacturing Companies Educating Trump Team on How to Grow Jobs
Manufacturing Companies Educating Trump Team on How to Grow Jobs 2
“Lifelong learning for factory workers provides a competitive advantage," said Blake Moret, CEO of Rockwell Automation. "The government has a role to play in evolving the workforce to adapt to changes in this industry and to train workers for these highly skilled roles.”
Secretary Ross Wants EXIM to Help Manufacturers Boost Exports
Secretary Ross Wants EXIM to Help Manufacturers Boost Exports
"The bank is part of a domestically focused trade toolbox that this administration will continue to focus on in the coming months," Secretary Ross said "We will use that toolbox to rebalance our trade policy in order to put American workers first."
Vitamix’s Continuous Improvement Journey -IW Manufacturing & Technology  Confere
Vitamix’s Continuous Improvement Journey -IW Manufacturing & Technology Conference & Expo Preview 1
“If you do Kaizens the emphasis is on improvement. We try and remove frustrations and make work more fun. We want our employees to be inspired," explains Eric DiMalanta, lean manager for Vitamix.
Gainesville – Florida’s Biotech Hub
Why is Gainesville Florida’s Biotech Hub?
“Greater Gainesville has evolved into a region fueled by research, business and a smart, young and creative workforce that both thrives on, and is a catalyst for innovation,” says Susan Davenport., CEO of Gainesville Chamber of Commerce.
What One Phoenix Company is Doing to Keep STEM Front and Center
A Closer Look at STEM Collaboration in Phoenix
PING, a manufacturer of golf equipment, says that many of its team members with STEM training were attracted by the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of technological innovation.
Phoenix STEM Workforce is Supporting US Manufacturing Growth
Phoenix STEM Workforce is Supporting US Manufacturing Growth 2
The Phoenix region has the third largest labor pool in the West with 42,000 students graduating annually from the Arizona State University, and 200,000 students enrolled in the Maricopa Community College system.
Top Ten Global Brands 2016
A powerful brand can protect a company’s value during turbulent market conditions, create new market opportunities and increase profit margins.
Top 10 States Most Affected by Potential Trade Issues with Mexico 3
Given the current uncertainty in the trade sector, WalletHub decided to explore the impact of the economic fallout with Mexico on individual states.The group analzyed data that ranges from “exports to Mexico as a share of state GDP” to “share of jobs supported by trade with Mexico.”
Rockwell Automation Technology Will Help Manufacture Human Tissue, Organs
Rockwell Automation Technology Will Help Manufacture Human Tissue, Organs 1
The company will work with the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute to automate the process of biomanufacturing human tissue and organs.
Top Exporting States 2016
In 2015 exports as a share of U.S. GDP decreased to 12.6%, down from the record-high of 13.6% in 2012.
Ball Corporation: Finding Innovation Everywhere
"Sometimes opportunities come to us from multinational customers with teams of innovation experts, while other times it comes from two people and the craft beer they started making in their garage."