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​Staff Writer Laura Putre covers the automotive industry, as well as workforce legislation as it applies to manufacturing, labor issues, HR policy and trends in workforce development, recruiting and retention and employee engagement. 



Senate Knocks Down OSHA Record-Keeping Rule
The Senate voted 50-48, along party lines, to eliminate the OSHA rule, which requires employers with more than 10 workers to keep ongoing records of safety incidents for five years after they occur.
With a Little Fanfare, FCA Opens Worker Academy in Indiana
The Tipton, Indiana, training center will focus on continuous improvement.
Building Technology—and a Workforce—for the Long-Term at Schaeffler
The German precision parts supplier's president of automotive Americas talks about the company's electrification research and overcoming skills gap challenges with apprenticeships and co-ops.
2016 IW Best Plants Winner: From Zero to Lean in Record Time at Metform Group
In 8 years, the Illinois automotive components maker has tripled its business and transformed its operations.
Hold Those Layoffs: GM Reassigns Lansing Workers as Trump Arrives 4
In a surprise reshuffling, about 180 auto workers will be reassigned to the Flint Assembly Plant, while another 500 will stay in Lansing.
Readers Respond: What Is Manufacturing's Biggest Challenge?
We asked this question of respondents in the 2017 IndustryWeek Salary Survey. Here is a cross-section of answers, arranged by age.
Curious About Bonus Pay? Here’s What the Top Manufacturing Jobs Offer 1
Check out the latest data on manufacturing performance pay, fresh from the 2017 IndustryWeek Salary Survey.
Ford Takes the Long View with Large-Scale 3D Printing
Since last fall, engineers have been testing a 3D printer that builds horizontally, allowing for larger objects.
2017 IndustryWeek Salary Survey -- By the Numbers
Are you making as much as your peers in manufacturing? Check out our slideshow to see what the trends are in pay in the industry.
The 2017 IndustryWeek Salary Survey: Smooth Sailing on Pay as Skilled Jobs Go Unfilled 1
Our annual survey of manufacturing leaders is long on longevity and stability.
To Get Self-Driving Cars up to Speed, Engineers and IT Workers Need More Training 2
A new study finds a demand for connected and autonomous vehicle workers in 49 occupations—from IT and cybersecurity to civil and transportation systems engineering.
Honeywell on the Hook for UAW Benefits, Judge Rules
The company contended that because a collective bargaining agreement had expired, Honeywell was no longer required to pay benefits.
Facing Skills Shortage, Frito-Lay Grows Its Own Maintenance Techs 1
The Perry, Ga., plant requires a round-the-clock crew of 100 industrial maintenance technicians to keep the machines running--and those jobs, which require a specialized two-year degree, are hard to fill.
Attracting, Retaining Talent Is No. 1 Concern in 'Future of Work' Survey 1
The survey by the law firm Seyfarth Shaw examined the workforce concerns of HR leaders and in-house counsel at large companies.
Bosch’s Electric Outlook
The company’s head of battery systems talks about what the future holds for autonomous, hybrid and electric vehicles.