Paul Ericksen

Executive Level Consultant

Paul D. Ericksen has 38 years of experience in industry, primarily in supply management at two large original equipment manufacturers. At the second he was chief procurement officer. He then went on to head up a large multi-year supply chain flexibility initiative funded by the U.S. Department of Defense. He presently is an executive level consultant in both manufacturing and supply chain, counting Fortune 100 companies among his clientele. His articles on supply management issues have been published in Industrial Engineering, APICS, Purchasing Today, Target and other periodicals.

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Can We Really Trust Health Insurance Companies? 7
There’s nothing healthy or caring about the way corporations have left their employees at the mercy of healthcare insurance companies.
How a Supplier Views a Customer 3
A look at the six different ways that an OEM customer might be seen by an individual supplier.
What in the World Has Happened to the MBA? 7
The MBA degree has largely been cheapened as a credential, as it’s a poor substitute for real-life career experience.
Nobody Likes a Bully
Placing a bully in a position of high authority is never a good thing for a company, its employees, its suppliers or its customers. Nobody likes a bully.
The Drop Kick Heard 'Round the Plant 6
Do you really need an MBA to be an effective leader?
An Extraordinary Supplier Performance that Will Leave You Buzzing 1
A stinging tale of two suppliers—one that got too greedy, and another that went above and beyond to generate positive buzz.
The Case for Civility in Manufacturing 11
A pure Free Market strategy isn’t always in the best interests of our country.
True Leaders Are a Couple Steps Ahead of Everybody Else 5
People want to play on a winning team and want to work for a manager that sets them up for success.
A Tale of Two Suppliers 5
When an OEM offered supplier development assistance to two key suppliers, their responses were as different as day and night.
Small Firms Are Better Partners than Holding Companies 3
If you want to work with a supplier who will work with you as a partner so both parties can benefit, you have a better chance of this with smaller, family-owned businesses than large holding companies.
A Bad Day to be a Buyer
A supplier's bankruptcy leads to a creative solution: Is it really stealing if you take back something that you actually paid for?
Next Generation Lean: Why Lean Too Often Requires a Leap of Faith 11
Without executive support Lean will not remain relevant.
Next Generation Lean – Tools
If a practice is sound, the use of an effective tool assures practitioners a good shot at satisfying customer needs by standardizing the application of best practices.
How to Apply Next Generation Lean Strategies
This article will establish a construct for practitioners to use in applying Next Generation Lean strategies.
Measuring Up: Using Lead-time Metrics for Next-Generation Lean
Manufacturing Critical-path Time can be used as a next-generation lean metric for order fulfillment lead-time.