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Steve Minter, Executive Editor,

Focus: Leadership, Global Economy, Energy

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An award-winning editor, Executive Editor Steve Minter covers leadership, global economic and trade issues and energy, tackling subject matter ranging from CEO profiles and leadership theories to economic trends and energy policy. As well, he supervises content development for editorial products including the magazine,, research and information products, and conferences.

Before joining the IW staff, Steve was publisher and editorial director of Penton Media’s EHS Today, where he was instrumental in the development of the Champions of Safety and America’s Safest Companies recognition programs.

Steve received his B.A. in English from Oberlin College. He is married and has two adult children.


Beating the 'Silent Enemy' of Continuous Improvement 3
Lantech CEO Jim Lancaster shares a daily management system designed to maintain factory improvements and solve problems quickly and while they are small.
Pratt & Whitney President Bob Leduc: And Now the Rest of the Story 1
Despite initial stumbles with its new generation of commercial aircraft engines, Leduc says the “bigger story” at the company is bright indeed.
Small Business Tells Congress to Get Cracking on Tax Reform 1
The National Federation of Small Business urged Congress to act on tax reform as concerns grow that legislative action could stretch to 2018 or beyond.
The Toyota OpEx Magic: 9 Key Practices 2
Toyota Material Handling CEO Brett Wood shares best practices for engaging workers and driving continuous improvement.
Parker Presents the Internet of Things for the Ordinary Guy
Parker introduced its Voice of the Machine IoT platform, stressing that SMEs can start harnessing the benefits of IoT by adding sensors to individual components so that they can prevent costly downtime from failed pumps and other equipment, while also helping to ensure a safer workplace.
Manufacturing's New Technology: Making the Future Accessible Now
The manufacturing world's quest to connect its full value chain and to integrate man and machine is on display at Hannover Messe, the huge industrial trade show in Germany.
Space: Manufacturing’s Final Frontier 1
Led by Elon Musk, an ambitious legion of space entrepreneurs are building new businesses on Earth with their sights set on the riches of earth orbit and beyond.
Simple, Real and Powerful: How You Can Improve Your Presentations
Get to the Heart: How Movie Storytelling Secrets Can Make Your Presentation Clear, Compelling and Earn You a Seat at the Table
US Chemical Export Outlook: Expected to Soar as Shale Strengthens Industry
US Chemical Export Outlook: Expected to Soar as Shale Strengthens Industry
"Diversified and specialty producers should continue to see above-average earnings, while most other chemicals companies will post at least breakeven results over the next few months," says Moody's.
2016 IW Best Plants Winner: Customer Focus is Key to Firstronic Success 1
EMS firm uses responsive lean manufacturing system to become customers’ electronic assembly arm.
Emerson CEO Farr Makes the Case for Globalization, Education 2
No stranger to change, CEO David Farr restructures Emerson for growth while advocating policies to prepare manufacturing for a transformative future.
Energy Trends? 10 Observations from CERAWeek
Oil and gas producers have been buoyed by higher oil prices, but leaders face a host of challenges, including technology adoption, climate change and public distrust.
An oil rig south of Taft, California.
Oil Leaders Call on Companies to Increase Investment in New Supplies 1
Big oil firms cut back on exploration and development when oil prices plummeted, but energy agencies warn investment is needed to avoid a shortfall in world energy supplies.
ExxonMobil Plans $20 Billion in Manufacturing Investments in Gulf Region
Promising to build a "manufacturing powerhouse" along the U.S. Gulf coast, ExxonMobil announces it will invest $20 billion in 11 existing and new facilities.
Trisha Lemery Finds the Fun - and Profit - in Manufacturing 1
Trisha Lemery keeps Winsert Inc., the engine component business her father started, growing with a potent mix of innovation, employee appreciation and focus on customers' needs.